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Vegan plant-based food menu
Bringing vegan comfort food to Saskatoon

Vegan Fast Food done right!

güd eats inc. is Saskatchewan's first ever 100% plant-based fast food restaurant, caterer, v grocery and seasonal food truck. Our menu is made with all natural whole-food derived ingredients complete with sustainable, cruelty-free food options which are sure to satisfy any craving. At güd eats inc., we are proud to offer Saskatchewan tasty eats which are wholesome, and delicious—loaded with creative spins on fast and comfort food as well as a large selection of healthy salads. Our motto, “Crave-Worthy Plant-Based Eats“ sums up güd eats inc’s approach to “fast food” tempting even the most die hard steak and potatoes fan.

Our goal here at güd eats Inc. isn't to convert or judge your food choices or lifestyle, but instead to show how delectable and satisfying plant-based eating can be. güd eats inc. has no veganesque soap box to make you feel bad if you can't dedicate yourself to a vegan lifestyle. Instead, we encourage you to openly explore our menu and discover that a vegan diet is just as yummy, and maybe even better, than the food that you're used to.

Our owner and Chef Chris Cole has dedicated 20 years to the hospitality industry, and wanted to venture out to create his own business that would coincide with his culinary creativity, personal beliefs, animal rights advocacy, and lifestyle with broad appeal. Chris has a rad way of tackling the classic fan fare we know and love. He has spent years traveling and checking out the top vegan food spots in North America and is eager to share his food with you!


Welcome to our easy-to-use catering form! Below you will find our full catering menu and cost per person and/or item.

Please fill in the information below with what items you wish to serve and how much of each you need! We recommend picking one or two main dishes (ie. Burger Bar, Taco Bar, Fried Chickn' buffet etc..) and a side or two (ie. Mac n' Cheez, Dill & Garlic Mashed Potatoes or a salad). We have tons of options to choose from! Don't forget to add on desserts, beverages, and cutlery to bring your feast to the next level!

Once the form is complete, hit 'Submit', and we will fire you off a quote within 1 business day!

You are not committed to the order once submitted, it is simply here to help us get a picture of the event, and help you estimate the cost.

Thanks for choosing güd eats!

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