Is your comfort food making you uncomfortable?


Winter is coming. Eat güd food. 

At güd eats, we are preparing for the arrival of another Saskatoon winter. As we do so, we are warmed by the anticipation of being comforted by our favourite feel-güd foods from our very own kitchen as the snow falls. Amidst our long, dark prairie winters, food can be a cozy companion to warm our hearts and lift our spirits. Sometimes the promise of pleasure that a poutine brings is enough to get us through a hard day or a cold season. Soothe the winter blues with güd eats plant-based, sustainable comfort food!

What makes true comfort food?

Comfort food is the food we crave because it makes us feel good. As biological creatures hardwired for pleasure, we learn pretty early what foods we most enjoy eating. As humans, we develop relationships with our food, and we establish preferences for foods that we carry with us through our lives. It’s in our habitual, pleasure-seeking nature to repeatedly reach for the food experiences that have brought us comfort before. We know that childhood favourite that mom always made at birthdays or holidays will bring us a safe, familiar, joyful feeling again and again; mom’s spaghetti becomes a steadfast friend whenever we’re low. We all want to feel good, especially in the depths of a Saskatoon winter. Güd food can get us there. 

What cost comes to satiate a craving?

There is so much more that goes into great comfort food than just delicious taste. For us, true comfort food soothes the body from the inside out and satisfies the soul. After knowing the impact of how it’s made, we still feel good eating it. After nearly two decades in the restaurant business, güd eats owner and chef Chris Cole has been up close and personal with today’s highly mechanized, globalized, industrial food industry, and what he found did not satisfy his soul. When it comes to producing animal products that we use to prepare many of our favourite comfort foods, the standard practices are downright distressing. Chris wondered, “how can we feel comforted knowing that so much of the food we are choosing to eat comes from a system that causes environmental damage, animal cruelty, and great risks to our own health and wellness?”

Keeping comfort food comfortable  

Deciding what we eat is an act that shapes us and all others on this planet. That we are what we eat is not a new idea. If your comfort food is a hamburger, would you rather be a hamburger made from sub-standard, factory-farmed animal by-products pumped with hormones and antibiotics, or(!) a sustainable, plant-based, cruelty-free hamburger that tastes just as güd? (We think it’s even better!) At güd eats, we are passionate about keeping comfort food comfortable, cruelty-free and sustainable by providing plant-based options that are familiar and oh-so-satisfying. It’s ethical; it’s healthy; and it tastes delicious. What’s more güd than that? Come visit us this winter for some comfort from the cold.

Chris Cole