Crafting the perfect hamburger.

What’s the best burger in Saskatoon? We made it, and you should try it!

What’s the best burger in Saskatoon? We made it, and you should try it!

Hamburgers—the staple backyard barbeque food of North America.

But what actually makes a great burger? 

It starts with the bun. The right bun is an essential part of the ultimate burger experience. It’s got to be soft on the inside. It’s got to be a little bit crusty on the outside. It’s got to have the right salt content. Our potato bun is made with the perfect blend of potato flour and white flour to give it a dense but soft texture without the high gluten content of a regular bun. This is bun perfection. 

But why stop there?

The patty is our 100% vegan Güd patty—a 4.5oz patty with 24g of protein, crafted to replicate all of the smells and tastes of a meat patty, and satisfying those savoury burger cravings. We season all of our patties to perfection, and you can choose the patty you want: the Güd Patty or the Beyond Patty. We have produced the tastes and textures you love in a traditional patty, but made it with 100% vegan ingredients. It’s truly better than anyone thought possible! 

Next comes the sauce. 

We make our own in-house sauce using all vegan ingredients: vegan Mayo, house-made relish, ketchup, herb mustard, white wine vinegar, dill… It accentuates the flavours we have already infused into the patty and the bun, complementing those flavours perfectly while adding a little tanginess. 

Then we have the classic burger toppings: Chao cheese made with tofu and produced in a formagery all the way over in Greece. Delicious fresh vegetables like red onion, beefsteak tomato and green leaf lettuce. Then a chilli dilli pickle, made right here in our kitchen.

It’s all-out sensation! It’s about texture. It’s about smell. It’s about taste. That’s what makes good food. All the elements of your classic, American style burger, but plant based and perfected so that the first bite blows your mind. 

Why go to all this work to change what North Americans have spent over a century perfecting? It’s simple: fast food is eroding our health and killing our planet. And we are going to change that by making the best burger both healthy and ethical. The Güd burger is zero cholesterol, low in trans fats, high in protein and 100% ethical. The result is our Güd burger is our biggest seller, winning us awards and changing minds about what vegan food can taste like. 

You can visit our food truck this summer, or stop buy our restaurant, and experience the best burger in Saskatoon for yourself. We are changing comfort food for the better, and our burger is just the start.

Chris Cole