Changing perceptions around ethical and vegan food.

What’s in the tastiest vegan food around? All kinds of güd stuff!

What’s in the tastiest vegan food around? All kinds of güd stuff!

The team at güd have spent countless hours in the kitchen attempting to perfect comfort food while using 100% vegan ingredients to do it. It’s an ongoing search for the best vegan products on the market that can supplement everything we make in-house. And it’s a process of trial and error and getting extra creative with recipes that have the effect of making someone who isn’t vegan say, “ok, this is really satisfying. I could totally eat this instead of meat.” That’s the goal: to make ethical vegan food taste familiar. Vegan food absolutely can meet your expectations of what delicious comfort food or fast food can provide for you.

Eating a meal at güd eats is ethical, it’s healthy, and it’s uncomplicated. Güd serves burgers, wings, nachos, tacos. . . You don’t have to think about what you’re eating. You just order your fav and enjoy some familiar comfort food. And you don’t have to be vegan either. Güd’s patrons are 50% vegan and 50% carnivore, but they all come because they love the food. It’s güd for everyone! “I don’t think I could have been as successful without taking this route,” says Chris Cole, the founder of gud eats. “If we would have gone outside the average person’s comfort zone and stuck with the standard vegan menu, we would have only appealed to that 50% and missed the opportunity to show others that eating vegan doesn’t mean giving up all of the foods that they love.” Making a positive change in how we eat may only require changing the ingredients we use when preparing the foods that we like!

“Güd is a gateway to veganism and to a healthy, ethical lifestyle because the menu is not unfamiliar,” say’s Chris Cole. “It’s what you’re conditioned to eat—what you crave.” With that in mind, comfort food is what we all crave, so an important way to make vegan food more accessible is to offer alternatives of every variety. Chris’s dream is to go up against the chain restaurants like the FatBurgers and Fudruckers, to have güd be a household name. It will just take time, dedication and really tasty food.

So when you’re craving wings and a pint, you can satisfy that craving at güd eats. If you have a hankering for a mouth watering burger and fries, güd has you covered. And in the act of satisfying your cravings, you’re supporting an ethical industry and creating a better world. You don’t have to change your life to do it. It really is that simple.

In case you need more evidence to back up why güd should be your go to, check out their nominations in Planet S Magazine’s annual best of categories:

Nominated for Planet S best food of 2019 for:

  • Best Restaurant

  • Best Food Truck

  • Best Veggie Burger

  • Best resistant for Vegetarians

  • Best Wings

  • Best East Side Restaurant

  • Best Tacos

  • Best Chili

  • Best Poutine

  • Best Fries

  • Best Salads

  • Best Appetizers

  • Best Deserts

  • Best Nachos

Together, we can make vegan normal. Live your life. Treat yourself. Just cut the animal byproducts and do some güd.